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Brazilian Waxing Course

New Zealand's only NZQA-Approved Brazilian Waxing course

Our Brazilian waxing course offers you Brazilian waxing training through the Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing. Learn Brazilian waxing through our NZQA-Approved course.


Do you have the required qualifications to enrol in this qualification?

You must be a beautician or beauty therapist.

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Quick Facts: Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing

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Statement of Achievement






2 to 3 days over a month

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Students per class:




Inside class:

8 hours total

Outside class:

12 hours total

2011 domestic cost*:


2011 international cost*:

Not available



* Extra expenses apply.

Structure of the Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing Course

As a professional development course, you will be expected to complete a large amount of your study through self-directed study. You must complete case studies, projects and other homework as well as practice treatments during self-directed study time.

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About the Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing

Here is some more in-depth information about this course:

  • The Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing deals with the theory and practical areas of a Brazilian waxing treatment in a beauty therapy context.
  • This course enables qualified beauticians and beauty therapists to add an additional skill to their existing waxing skills.
  • Graduates successfully completing this course become a fully-qualified Brazilian waxing therapist as recognised in New Zealand.
  • Students who did not complete their beautician or beauty therapy qualification through the school (or ITEC, CIBTAC, and/or CIDESCO) may have to undergo Recognition of Prior Learning assessments prior to being accepted to this course.
  • These types of student will have to also prove or demonstrate waxing proficiency and expertise in-line with school requirements prior to acceptance to attend this course.

This course is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989, and the National School of Aesthetics is accredited to teach it.

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Pre-Requisite Qualifications You Must Hold to Attend the Brazilian Waxing Course

In order to be considered for enrolment into the Statement of Achievement of Brazilian Waxing, the student must hold, at minimum, one of the following qualifications or equivalent (as determined by the school):

The National School of Aesthetics

  • Certificate in Aesthetics; or
  • Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Applied Aesthetics; or
  • Beautician Certificate; or
  • Aestheticienne Diploma; or
  • Diploma in Aesthetics; or
  • Beautician Diploma; or
  • Facial Therapy Diploma


International Therapy Examination Council

  • Aestheticienne Diploma; or
  • Diploma for Beauty Specialists


Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology

  • Aesthetic Treatments Diploma; or
  • Advanced Aesthetic Treatments Diploma


New Zealand Qualifications Authority

  • National Certificate in Beauty Services (Beautician) (Level 4); or
  • National Certificate in Beauty Therapy (Beautician strand) (Level 4) (retired)

NZQA-Approved Beautician Qualification

  • Must be equal to, or higher than, NaSA's Certificate in Aesthetics
  • At the discretion of the Academic Board

You will be expected to be proficient at waxing and utilise correct waxing technique in order to enrol in this course.

You will also be expected to hold a current Workplace First Aid Certificate.

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Outcome Statement for the Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing Course

Outcome statement: Brazilian waxing graduates should hold the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge to safely perform Brazilian waxing treatments independently and competently in an international commercial environment.

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Subjects in the Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing Course

Students attending the Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing will engage in the following components (click on each name for more information):


Credits Level

Brazilian Waxing Treatments



Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing



All subjects are required. None are optional.

Further information on the above sections can be found by clicking on their names. The information should appear below the name.

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Recognised Awards Available

Upon successful completion of the course requirements and final examination, the candidate may be eligible for the following awards. No extra expenses, applications or requirements apply to sit the National School of Aesthetics qualifying examinations in the first instance.

The National School of Aesthetics

Statement of Achievement in Brazilian Waxing

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Your Further Study Options

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you may be eligible to study further with us. Options include:

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Dates, Times, Costs and More Details

Please find below the dates, times, costs and other details about this course.

2011 Start Finish Days Hours Domestic Fees International Fees Classes

Dates to be listed soon

See Special Notes for some terms and conditions.

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Special Notes

  • All prices include 15% GST and are in New Zealand dollars.
  • See Application and Cut-Off Dates for further information. To avoid disappointment, the school highly suggests applying for your course as soon as the enrolment opens.
  • You must pay the entire course on enrolment.
  • International Students: Please see the International Students section.
  • The National School of Aesthetics reserves the right to alter or change details, prices, dates, et cetera, on the courses at the school.
  • This information was correct and accurate (and in some cases, forecasted) at the time of Web publication (10/10).
  • Extra expenses may apply.
  • Payment plans are not available.
  • See The Physiotherapy Act Disclaimer for further information on the Physiotherapy Act and the National School of Aesthetics.

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